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You're a duck, just say quack! But the funny Little Duck has his own ideas. A story full of Moos, Woofs, Chugga Chuggas, Meows, and even a Grawr from a Nerdahopasaurus. Will Funny Little Duck ever say Quack Quack?


Say Quack Quack


A great change from the normal kid's book

My wife and I absolutely love this book, and our 4-month-old is starting to appreciate it too. The story is fantastic, a welcomed change from the norm. and the hand-drawn artwork is great. Hope to see many more books from Clark in the future, and we cannot wait for a paper copy! 
this is well worth the money, you won't be disappointed


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Very colorful and cute.

This is such a delightful little story. 
The pages are super colorful and the pictures are too cute. I think this book will delight kids and parents alike.


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Oh my gosh, this is the cutest little book! Quite a nice learning tool for any child...and you find yourself turning the pages to find out what that sweet little duck is going to say next! I'm about to buy another one.


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Clark grew up in South Dakota and spent his time reading and riding bike (not at the same time).

He always had a passion for humorous stories and books with unique perspectives and odd or offbeat humor.


Clark uses humor and wit in his picture book writing because his grand diabolical plan is to get children to laugh and enjoy the story so much they want to read it again and again…and that turns into a love of reading. (Insert evil laughter here).


Presently, Clark lives in the Minneapolis area with his beautiful wife Julie and their super smart, but stinky, dog Walter.


Clark is currently seeking agent representation. 


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