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Trends & Topics to Level Up Your Wellbeing In 2024

  Trends & Topics to Level Up Your Wellbeing In 2024 It’s the beginning of a new year.  As I plan my content strategy for the upcoming year I look back at where I was last year, where I am now, and where I feel I’m heading and realign my blog topics accordingly. Below are the 25 topics I’m focusing on for blog posts this year. This isn’t set in stone and ideally, I’ll post more. If there's something in particular you’d like to know more about please reach out to me at: is a blog that provides information on the latest men’s lifestyle trends, currently focusing on personal productivity and well-being space. Our goal is to help men stay informed and be their best. 1. Digital minimalism - focusing on quality over quantity of screen time Be more intentional with technology use through digital minimalism strategies that reduce noise, distractions, and low-value screen time. Expect tips on assessing digital habits, decluttering devices, and foc

How to Start an Effective Journaling Practice

How to Start an Effective Journaling Practice Brief background  Journaling and its benefits  Journaling. It's kind of like having that friend who listens to all your deepest thoughts, wildest dreams, and random epiphanies. It's a judgment-free zone where you can spill your soul, unpack your feelings, and explore every corner of yourself. Kind of like having a dog but without the vet bills and hair all over the place. If you're new to journaling, the intent of this article is to help you get started with an effective journaling practice. More than just writing "Dear Diary" every day, journaling is your own special art form - you can scribble, doodle, collage, and paint your pages however you want! There are no rules. Get creative! Beyond soul-searching, keeping a journal has some awesome scientifically proven benefits too! It can help you de-stress, improve your memory, solve problems, boost creativity, strengthen your immune system, and simply feel happier. Journ

Practical Uses for AI Chatbots in Your Daily Life

  Practical Uses for AI Chatbots in Your Daily Life What is AI? This is an introductory look at practical uses for AI Chatbots in your daily life with examples. We’re not going into programming or anything technical. This is an informational post for those who might be wondering, ‘What is all this talk about  AI talk and how can I use it?’. AI Definition. I asked an AI chatbot to come up with a simple and short answer to the question 'What is AI?'. Here is the response: AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is like giving computers the ability to learn and think on their own, so they can do smart things, like understanding speech, recognizing pictures, and making helpful suggestions. [ generated by ChatGTP 3.5 ] There are multiple types of AI in use, but for the sake of this article, we’re going to focus on just text-based (Generative AI). If you can type a sentence you can use these tools. How is it different than search? I had created the content for this paragraph, but then I thou