About Funny little Duck
My grandmother frequently told me "Pick up your toys!" and "You're a funny little duck, kiddo, a strange duck indeed!" Grandma had a lot of peculiar sayings, but the funny little duck term just stuck, like one of those childhood tapes that play in your subconscious.I still don't pick up my toys. I now call my grandson Bryson a funny little duck. This story just fell into place one day while watching Bryson learning his sounds.

The Process
Each of the characters are hand drawn on 50# sketch pad paper with an HB pencil. Once the character is close to what I want, or just the best I can do, I’ll clean it up and outline in ink then scan into the computer for coloring and detail editing. The background of the pages in Funny Little Duck are hand painted with acrylics on paper with bright colors and bold, deliberate brushstrokes to create texture...who am I kidding??? I can’t draw. The illustrations look like they were done by a blindfolded chimpanzee with a broken crayon. But I did have fun with it! 

Say Quack Quack
A Funny LIttle Duck Story
About the Sounds Things Make
Behind the scenes insght into the stories as they come alive
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